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Week Seven - Philadelphia Marathon Training

Monday - 30 minute recovery run, core exercises 15 minutes, leg exercises 15 minutes

Tuesday - Intervals (15 min warmup, 1 km running, 90 sec rest X6, cool down

Wednesday - 40 minute easy run

Thursday - Intervals (10 min warmup, 6 min running, 90 sec rest X4, cool down

Friday - Rest day, 1 mile run

Saturday - 150 minute long run

Sunday - slow 5k run

This week got a little messy. I was off work Monday-Wednesday which I thought would make running easier but actually I slept in compared to a workday and then just wanted to chill so those runs were mid morning and by then I just wanted to get done so I could enjoy the rest of the day. I had plans Saturday morning so I had aspirations of doing my long run on Wednesday but when I started my run on Wednesday morning, it was just not happening for 2 1/2 hours. I did get to spend the afternoon walking at the beach on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon paddle-boarding so I found other ways to stay active. I took a few naps too which annoyed me at the time because there were other things I wanted to do but when I sat down and couldn't keep my eyes open, I must have needed the power naps.

Thursday and Friday when I went back to work, I got my runs done in the morning before work and I was glad it was pretty easy to get back to my new schedule. I ended up doing my long run early Saturday evening after being away from home from early morning until early afternoon. I laid on the couch for awhile before going out to run. It definitely wasn't as good as it would have been if I was fresh in the morning but I prefer to get long runs done on Saturday so I decided to go with an evening run instead of pushing to Sunday.

I'm not a breakfast eater but I need to eat something when I run in the morning. I like to eat something when I get to work and I've been taking a bagel to work with me. Mostly because Aldi has pumpkin spice bagels which I really like. Today, I made egg bites in a muffin pan for breakfasts this week. (I still bought pumpkin bagels this week!) I put peppers and cheese in the eggs which are a mixture of whole eggs and liquid egg whites. I'll see how a more complete meal works for breakfast and experiment with other combinations. I would have liked some turkey bacon with the eggs but Aldi was out of that today.

Running wise, this was a pretty humdrum week but not all weeks are exciting and fireworks.


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