Working from Home Without Losing My Mind

I wanted to share a few things that have helped me mentally and physically as we all figure out how to deal with COVID-19. I'm a people person and I can feel lonely very easily so I've been working really hard at making sure I don't allow myself to get in a bad place mentally or else it will take me down in every way. I've been working at home for a week and a half already and we're heading into what my company expects to be the last week of work from home. Here are some things that have made working from home bearable for me: - I require myself to be showered and dressed, including socks and shoes and be sitting at my computer by 8am. I typically wear running clothes and sneakers but it fee

Virtual Whale Challenge

As this weekend approached, I honestly didn't know if I would run the races I had signed up for by myself, or virtually, or if I would just say forget about the missed races and run whatever. To be honest, I had a lot of anxiety about what I would do. Considering the real problems in the world and the pandemic we're dealing with, my anxiety about running seemed very trivial. On Friday, I made mention to Dan that I wasn't sure what my plan was and he was quick to say of course you run the distance, why wouldn't you. Honestly, he was right. I was imagining what I would feel like at the end of the weekend if I just decided to walk away and forget about Shamrock altogether for this year and I re

The Spring without Races

If you know anything about me or have ever spoken to me for even 10 minutes, you probably know that I live all year for the 3rd weekend in March. I take Friday and Monday off work, I train hard all winter, and I look forward to a long weekend in Virginia Beach celebrating all things running, green, and the beach. This year, not only was I looking forward to Shamrock Marathon weekend, I had a perfectly curated spring race schedule, perfectly filling the calendar with race after race. From the 2nd weekend in March until mid-May, I had at least one race nearly every weekend. I had been really looking forward to returning to some fun races I've done before and trying a few new ones. When it beca

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