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Week Twelve - Philadelphia Marathon Training

Monday - Rest day - 1 mile run

Tuesday - Intervals (15 minute warmup, 8 min run, 2min rest X4, 15 minute easy run)

Wednesday - 45 min easy run

Thursday - Intervals (15 minute warmup, 10k pace 2 min, 1 min recovery X5)

Friday - 30 min easy run

Saturday - Long Run - 135 min easy, 45 min marathon pace

Sunday - 15 minute easy run

I felt really strong during my runs this week after taking it easy last week while being sick. This week felt good to put my head down and put in some hard work. I really enjoyed the interval days.

Saturday's long run felt good for the first two and a half hours. I started to gas out in the last 30 minutes but I really tried to use that to prepare myself for the last 6 -8 miles of race day which I know will feel hard and I will have the stay mentally strong to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

It's under 30 days until race day and I'm getting excited!


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