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Week Eleven - Philadelphia Marathon Training

Monday - Rest day - 1 mile run

Tuesday - 30 min easy run

Wednesday - 30 min easy run

Thursday - 20 min easy run

Friday - 1 mile run

Saturday - 16.2 easy miles

Sunday - 30 minute easy run

I was sick most of this week so I bagged the planned runs for my training plan and just did easy short runs with plenty of walk breaks. All of my symptoms were in in my sinuses. I followed the rule I've always heard when deciding if you're too sick to run...symptoms above the shoulders = run if you feel able, symptoms below the shoulders (chest, lungs) = running is a no-go. The weather was really nice this week and the fresh air and sunshine felt wonderful.

Saturday was the Baltimore Running Festival and I was registered for the 5k and half marathon. I wasn't sure I'd be able to do the run but I felt pretty good. We headed to Baltimore after work on Friday. I got my race packet and we ordered takeout and got to sleep early. Saturday morning I walked the few blocks to the 7:30am 5k start. I did the entire 5k at a very easy run pace. I felt good and had time to go back to the hotel and relax for an hour before the half marathon. The half started at 9:45am. My plan for the half was to run when I felt like it and walk when I felt like it. That's exactly what I did. I think it was my slowest half but I was just looking to enjoy the morning. The weather was absolutely perfect and I enjoyed the sights and sounds of one of my favorite races. I'm glad I did the race even though it was more of a scenic stroll for me this year.

This weekend completed the King Crab Challenge. The King Crab medals were help up in shipping so there were paper crowns available instead.

I plan to take this week as it comes and see how much of my training plan I do and how much I just take some slow easy miles.


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