Check In: Spring Races and Orange Theory

We're at the halfway point of the 8 week transformation challenge at Orange Theory. The last 4 weeks since I weighed in for the starting weight included Easter, where I ate all the things but tried to contain it to just one day and a week of federal jury duty in Philadelphia. Jury duty messed with my eating and workouts. In order to travel to Philadelphia, I had to leave the house too early to make it even to the 5am Orange Theory class and I got home long after the last class. I took the train through so I tried to make up for it with tons of walking. I had about a 10 minute walk between the train station and the courthouse, I moved as much as I could each time we had a break, and I did lot

Back At It: OrangeTheory Transformation Challenge

I've been dying to get back to blogging for quite awhile, but I don't even know where to start. Since I've been blogging regularly, I've gotten engaged, changed jobs, bought a house which we put a lot of work into before moving, and then to top that crazy 2017 off, we got married this January. For more of 2017 than not, my weight loss/maintenance and running were lower on the priority list than I wish they were due mostly to being so busy. About two weeks ago, after my 5th marathon I decided to get serious again about logging my food in MyFitnessPal and finally lose the 10-ish pounds that have crept back during the busyness of life, although I'd be just delighted to lose closer to 15-20. I k

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