Look-back on 2019

I always like to review stats and my favorite running memories from the year on New Year's Eve. For the last few years, my yearly mileage goal has been to run more miles than the year before. It took be a bit to figure out my stats from last year compared to this year so I'm pulling it all together in a blog post so I can make a summary. Annual Miles: 2017 - 1,005.6 2018 - 1,179.9 2019 - 1,364.6 I was running before 2017 but prior to 2017 I was using different tracking apps and programs. Since mid- 2018, I've been successful at keeping my monthly miles at 100+. That keeps me at a good base and allows me to easily jump into training. My mileage goals for 2020 is to keep my monthly total over

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