Shamrock Marathon 2017

I have neglected my little corner of the interwebs over the last three months but when you get serious about marathon training, time is at a premium. I had intentions of writing separate posts about Sunday's marathon and the training team I joined for this training cycle but they can't be separated. The marathon is necessary for the training team and the training team was necessary for this marathon. I'll mostly skip over the expo and Saturday's 8k for this post, the marathon deserves it's own thoughts and blog post. I do need to back peddle a little, however. Last fall, I registered for the Shamrock Training Team, sponsored by J& A, the same organization that puts on the Shamrock races. Hav

Teamwork makes the dream work

I now know that before this weekend, I never truly understood teamwork. Of course, working together lightens all of our loads. With teamwork we can accomplish so much more than we can individually. But running is individual, how much of a difference can a team really make? Wow, I was so wrong. My Shamrock Marathon thoughts are coming soon but in the meantime, I really wanted to share Kristy's experience as a much needed cheerleader, encourager, and motivator at mile 10 and 23 on the half marathon and marathon course.

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