Rock n Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon, September 2016

Last year, I rounded up some friends to do RNR Philly. The race was at the end of October due to the Pope’s visit to the city in September. This year, I was not planning to do RNR Philly. A couple months ago I started hearing rumblings about some bloggers I follow planning to be in Philly. In the last two weeks, I have done two half marathons and a 5k. Philly would make three race weekends in a row, crazy, right? Or was it? I registered a week before Rock n Roll Virginia Beach and had an awesome run. Then last week, I did Bird in Hand 5k and half marathon, which I’d been registered for since registration opened months ago. As I was seeing chit chat about Philly on social media, I knew I just

Bird in Hand 5k and Half Marathon - 2016

This weekend I ran the Bird in Hand 5k on Friday night and the Bird in Hand Half Marathon on Saturday morning. This is the second year I ran the Bird in Hand races. Last year the 5k was okay and the half marathon was by far my slowest ever. The half marathon was mentally tough, it didn’t feel very fun. This year I knew I was in a better mental place and looking forward to enjoying my backyard races. Friday night, I got home from work and quickly got ready for the 5k, grabbed Dan, and jumped back in the car to head up the road to the open field where the packet pick up and race start was. We got parked and at some point in walking from the car to the packet pick up I lost my headphones. (Jus

Rock n Roll - Virginia Beach

With about a week’s notice, Dan put together a trip to Norfolk, VA for his small weekend side business over the Labor Day weekend. I was excited to spend some time in Virginia Beach, about 30 minutes from Norfolk. I checked my work calendar and saw that taking the day off was do-able. I reached out to my J&A ambassador group and asked if there were any group runs or races in the Norfolk/Virginia Beach area. I was in luck, there was a group run Saturday morning in Virginia Beach and Rock n Roll was having a 5k and half marathon on Sunday morning. I initially planned to go to the group run and register for the 5k since it was such short notice. Before I got to register for the 5k though, I was

Goal Update - August

Check out my original goal post here. -Run at least one race every month: Check. National Night Out 5k. Check out the recap here. -Save money, pay off debts, own less: My big clean out projects haven’t been happening over the summer. I know I’ll be back to it during the fall and winter. I’m still taking stuff to consignment and Goodwill every season. I did do a full day of shopping at Macy’s last week and I got a few things, but I’m pretty critical when I shop about what I’ll actually wear and what just seems like a good idea in the dressing room but will ultimately just make a one way trip to the back of my closet. I’m still paying pretty aggressively on my debts too. I’m on plan to be comp

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