Stir Fry; that's what's for dinner

I’m relatively new to the stir fry party but glad I joined none the less. The only rule to stir fry is, there are no rules. That can be a little intimidating if you just want a recipe to follow and a predictable end result. A few things that I’ve found work well: Lots of broccoli – I buy often two large heads of broccoli for a wok of stir fry. Frankly, I just like broccoli, so if you don’t other sort of ‘bases’ that work well are squash or eggplant. Don’t skip cabbage – I never thought there would be a day that I buy a head of green cabbage just about every time I go to the store, but it works so well to add some bulk to just about anything. It sort of clings to the other ingredients in a st

Human Race

This morning I ran the Baltimore 10 Miler. Baltimore is one of my favorite places to participate in an organized run, of course I like the hills and running around Lake Montebello a major highlight but the people are second to none. I’ll start with the spectators. In Baltimore the spectators aren’t just those who are tagging along with a runner, the spectators are throngs of neighbors who come outside to cheer for a bunch of strangers. Just about every house has a porch or sidewalk full of cheerleaders. They make noise in any way they can think of, they clap and cheer of course but some bang on pots and pans with wooden spoons, some play the banjo, some play kids toy instruments, some blast

You only know half of me

One would think that after making a life change and being virtually unrecognizable, it would be great to meet new people. Anyone I meet these days only knows me as a marathoner, a calorie counter, average weight, generally healthy, lover of all things fitness and wellness. I can hide the first 25 years of my life if I so choose. I can pretend I was never overweight, on the fast track to diabetes, and lacking energy and motivation. My forehead is not branded with “Former Couch Potato”…and that sounds good, right? Or so I thought. Well, yeah, it is good for the most part. Sometimes though, I get into a conversation and I feel like an explanation of the last two years of my life would be so hel

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