Miscellaneous Monday

Happy Monday!!! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. It was a total scorcher in PA. A few fun things to share from the last few weeks. Over the 4th of July weekend we ventured to Toronto, Ontario with a stop at Niagra Falls on the way. I went to Niagra Falls many years ago but didn’t remember much. Rather than taking a boat ride, we hiked to get some fantastic views of the falls. I was determined not to fall of the workout wagon while we were away, so a hike through the park was perfect. Toronto was fantastic as well! We are already looking forward to more trips to Canada. I am prepping to travel again this coming weekend, again working on my plan to get my workouts in! I'll have running ge

Miles of Friendship - Amanda

I’ve mentioned more than once, here in my little corner of the internet, that I have one heck of a support system. Somehow, I’ve managed to fall into a group of friends who believe not only in me but in each other. Today’s post is about one friend in particular. Amanda and I have known each other since our first year of college. Here we are, in 2007, taking a ‘selfie’ before the kids had a name for it. Even in the college dining hall, this girl was a healthy eater and a gym goer. A couple years ago, she trained for and completed her first 5k. When I started to lose a few pounds and set some running goals, Amanda always cheered me on. In more recent months, she is a major supporter of my blog

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