Celebrating the Holidays without Losing Ground

Impossible as it seems, the holidays are here. It’s likely a time of year that brings irregular schedules, irregular eating, and maybe even additional stress. So how in the world do you make it through without losing ground on achieving your goals? Here are the keys that have kept me in track when attending holiday events: Make a plan! Know the atmosphere, if possible. Will it be a buffet, a plated dinner, a casual grazing? Being armed with the most knowledge is important. Avoid anything on a toothpick, you can consume a day’s worth of calories before you even make it to the meal. If you are in a grazing atmosphere, make one pass at the food. Eat what you are going to eat and be done, one tr

Baltimore Half Marathon 2016

The first race I ever ran was the Baltimore Half Marathon in 2013. Last month, I did my fourth Baltimore Half Marathon. We headed to Baltimore on Friday afternoon after work. I snagged a nice hotel in a convenient location. After we got parked and checked into the hotel, we walked a few blocks to the expo. The expo was held at the Convention Center this year, after being at M&T Stadium (where the Raven’s play) last year. The packet pickup was a smooth process and then it was time to check out the vendors. I always try to pick up a few pairs of Feetrures, my favorite sock brand. The half marathon didn’t start until 9:45 on Saturday morning, so there was plenty of time to get dinner and I didn

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