Monday Night Musings

I have a few thoughts I wanted to post about today…nothing quite substantial enough for its own post, just some thoughts. It may become regular; maybe a new weekly potpourri post if you will. Dan grilled for the first time this spring last night! It was delightful. There was a time we grilled all winter but he has been meat free or nearly meat free since the beginning of the year. There are plenty of non- meat items to grill but we are still learning to think in terms of a meal without meat. Also, working second shift means we eat together Saturday night and Sunday night, at most. (I eat lunch and dinner at noon and 6ish and he eats lunch and dinner at 6ish and midnight-ish) The last few wee

Never Underestimate the Power of Believing In Someone

My recent posts, by and large, have been mostly of the surface type. I’ve had a few deep spill my guts posts, the last few have not been that, but we all love a good healthy recipe. Today, I’m back to something a bit deeper. When I started this blog, I wanted it to grow and move organically. My hope was to avoid missing positive turns because they weren’t part of my plan but ultimately, my hope was to one day become the next Jillian Michaels. Of course, myself, not just like her but I have a deep admiration for her ability to motivate. If you’ve watched her on The Biggest Loser, it may seem as if she is merely a surface intimidator. She is raw and honest. She yells and she’s tough. But reall

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