August - Caln Police National Night Out 5K

August – National Night Out Caln Police Chase 5k On my quest to run at least one race per month, I knew August was going to present a few challenges. The temperature means there isn’t an overabundance of longer races. They are out there but after traveling to several winter/spring races and knowing there is travel ahead for several fall races, August was a good time to look for something local. I checked the internet and found there was going to be a 5k on August 2nd in Thorndale, PA. A Tuesday night, 7pm race was a great solution. I was able to work all day and come home and get ready before we headed to Thorndale. It’s about a 30 minute drive from my house. The National Night Out Crime Awa

J&A Racing

Several years ago, I went to Virginia Beach for a few days during my last spring break of college. I had no idea before arriving, but there was a marathon going on. At that point, I had no desire to count calories and I really had no desire to run. That seemed like torture reserved for middle school gym class. As I was enjoying my time ocean side on a warm March day, I thought to myself, ‘if I ever totally lost my mind and wanted to run, this is where I’d want to do it’. I saw the runners on the boardwalk and it seemed like such a nice place to run…if you were nuts enough to run in the first place. In 2013 when I decided I wanted to tackle a marathon, that marathon I’d seen in Virginia poppe

Belmar 5

Welp, I’m behind in writing ‘recaps’ from my races and I contemplated just starting back up and skipping the ones I missed. But, I decided to pick up where I left off for a few reasons; I like having a history for myself and especially for smaller races, I look for other runners and bloggers to post recaps and thoughts, so I like to add mine to the great internet for others who might be thinking about signing up for a particular race. As part of my goal for 2016 to run at least one race every month, I ran the Belmar 5 in July. The race takes place in the beach town of Belmar, New Jersey. This year, like last year, I managed to recruit a friend to run with me. Caitlin and I got to Belmar earl

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