April: Garden Spot Village Half Marathon

I’m having trouble wrapping my head around the fact that it’s April already…in my quest to run at least one race every month, that’s four boxes checked already. I’ve contended with some strange weather checking those boxes. January was the Key West Half Marathon which was delayed by an hour due to tornado warnings, gale force winds, thunder, and lightning. February was decent, the weather was mild, mid 60s, and no rain for the Austin Half Marathon. Then, March raged with high winds and rain, pounding at times, for the Shamrock Marathon. Sooo, I should not have been surprised when several inches of snow was forecasted for Saturday’s Garden Spot Village Half Marathon. I do enjoy traveling to p

Enjoying a Cruise Vacation without Sacrificing your Healthy Lifestyle

Cruising has been one of my favorite ways to vacation since my first dazzling experience with it in 3rd grade. It’s the best combination of visiting ports, sailing the high seas, top notch entertainment, and not to forget…food. I’ve cruised many times without regard for what I ate or my level of activity. This past winter was my first cruise since I started actively trying to be healthier. I’ve been on several vacations and trips but food is a much bigger part of cruising than my typical non-cruise vacation. I was worried about how I would handle the quantity and richness of food that would undoubtedly surround me for 7 days. I managed to have a fantastic time, not derail all of my efforts,

2016 Goal Update: March

Check out my original goal post here. -Run at least one race every month: Check! Shamrock Marathon April’s race: Garden Spot Half Marathon -Save money, pay off debts, own less: I did my taxes this month and the moment my refund is available, it’s going right towards debts. I didn’t get to any major cleanout projects this month but I did do some minor purging as I went. -Run a sub two hour half: Not this month, I am set to start a new half marathon training program in June which will lead up to my September half marathon. I’m looking for some nice time improvements in September and October this year. I’m hesitant to call this goal ‘sub two hour’, it’s really more of a see some marked time imp

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