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I often find myself wanting to write more and blog more but I feel like I don't have anything earth shattering to post, sometimes my ideas don't feel worthy, heck who knows if anyone even cares to read what I write. Last week I was reading another blog and I found myself thinking really hard about how the blog didn't necessarily offer advise, it wasn't a 'how to', it was simply a story. A real life story. A raw story that included all of the emotional ups and downs beyond the simple recounting of events. Although I appreciate immensely that this writer allowed me into their experience, I got the sense that the blog was less about the reader and more about the writer. Trust me there were more comments and accolades than I could read, clearly I wasn't the only person who appreciated the words but I could sense that that the blog was therapeutic for the writer.

My thoughts went wild about all of the things I'd like to blog about but I assume no one wants to read and I realized something...I started this blog because writing is something I enjoy. If someone here or there reads it and likes it, awesome. If not, that's fine too. So rather than wait for the grand, worthy, turn the world upside down ideas to come to me, I'm just going to write because I like to.

In the meantime while I write more posts, enjoy this photo I took of a butterfly on my sunflowers.

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