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Goal Update - September

2016 Goal Update: September

Check out my original goal post here.

-Run at least one race every month: Three half marathons and a 5k. Yeah, it was a good month!

-Save money, pay off debts, own less: Still chipping away at debts. Also, somewhat related, I got a new wallet, which I desperately needed after having mine since middle school, seriously. I had what seemed like a million store cards for cents of gas, grocery discounts, and loyalty rewards. I really didn’t want to cram them all into my nice new wallet so I downloaded an app on my phone to store all of the cards. I still have the obscene stack of cards at home just in case I run into one that doesn’t work properly with the app but that stack is going to go pretty soon because the app has been successful so far.

-Start my days earlier and be more mindful of how I spend my time: I’m kind of becoming a morning person…weird.

-Get back to more regular food logging: I don’t know why this one is so difficult. I would say my logging is intermittent.

-Buy more local produce: Good intentions with this goal but for some reason really hard to actually make it happen. It’s a little counterproductive. I’m also trying to simplify my life so it seems silly to drive around looking for the items I need. Definitely the early summer berries were worth seeking out at local roadside stands.

-Write/Post More: Maintaining but I must do better at carving out blog time than I did this month.

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