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Goal Update: May 2016

Check out my original goal post here.

-Run at least one race every month: Done! I did the ‘Nut Job Challenge’ at the Frederick Running Festival. Saturday evening was the twilight 5k, where I had an exciting PR and Sunday morning was the half marathon where I had my second fastest half marathon.

-Save money, pay off debts, own less: I sold an upholstered chair I had sitting around which got it out of my way and gave me a few bucks. I also stayed on track with being critical of what I acquire. Still plugging away at getting rid of debts.

-Start my days earlier and be more mindful of how I spend my time: Still maintaining my earlier mornings, albeit not as consistent with morning workouts as I’d like but I did get some good morning movement in this month. I struggled with managing my time more this month than some other months. Sometimes my evenings are so well managed and productive and others I get home from my day and it’s clear that my productivity for the day is done.

-Get back to more regular food logging: Current logging streak- only a handful of days. I started out consistent but then I had an oral surgery so that was a few days where I couldn’t even stand to think about eating and then I got back to eating soup then eventually eating normally but I missed some logging in there.

-Buy more local produce: I bought some of the tastiest strawberries at a roadside Amish stand the other day. I’m thinking it’s time for some more on my way home from work tomorrow. Some of the difficulty of roadside produce stands is that I rarely have cash. The chair I sold put a $20 bill in my pocket so I decided that cash is to be used for roadside produce only.

-Write/Post More: Maintaining but I must do better at carving out blog time than I did this month.

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