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Miscellaneous Monday

Happy Monday!!! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. It was a total scorcher in PA. A few fun things to share from the last few weeks.

  • Over the 4th of July weekend we ventured to Toronto, Ontario with a stop at Niagra Falls on the way. I went to Niagra Falls many years ago but didn’t remember much. Rather than taking a boat ride, we hiked to get some fantastic views of the falls. I was determined not to fall of the workout wagon while we were away, so a hike through the park was perfect. Toronto was fantastic as well! We are already looking forward to more trips to Canada.

  • I am prepping to travel again this coming weekend, again working on my plan to get my workouts in! I'll have running gear as well as my laptop and T25 dvds so I can stay on schedule.

  • Today is officially day one of Rock n Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon training!!! I try to stay in condition that I could run 13 miles at just about any time but I’m excited to be back on a set running schedule. I have two other half marathons between now and Rock n Roll. Looking forward to an awesome couple months of races. I had a pretty full schedule through the spring and then a bit of a lull during the hot summer months.

  • This weekend, I tried my Banana Chocolate Chip Muffin recipe with quinoa flour. They turned out great. It’s a nice option in addition to oat flour, which I love. I’ll be trying quinoa flour in some other ways in the near future so look for me to share some more recipes I develop.

  • Last week, we had a Stir Fry night at my parents’ house. It was fun making stir fry together and eating and laughing. They are stir fry lovers now!

  • I have to share a recent find that also made an appearance at Stir Fry night and was liked by all. Dole Dippers. The strawberries are really good as you would expect but the pineapple is actually almost better! Check the freezer section at your grocery store.

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