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Monday Night Musings

I have a few thoughts I wanted to post about today…nothing quite substantial enough for its own post, just some thoughts. It may become regular; maybe a new weekly potpourri post if you will.

  • Dan grilled for the first time this spring last night! It was delightful. There was a time we grilled all winter but he has been meat free or nearly meat free since the beginning of the year. There are plenty of non- meat items to grill but we are still learning to think in terms of a meal without meat. Also, working second shift means we eat together Saturday night and Sunday night, at most. (I eat lunch and dinner at noon and 6ish and he eats lunch and dinner at 6ish and midnight-ish) The last few weeks, we’ve eaten out those two meals or had other plans or leftovers or some other reason that we didn’t cook. I went to the store and planned for simple healthy things we could grill. I forgot how much he loves to spend time in the kitchen chopping veggies, seasoning and spicing, and prepping before the food even touches the grill. I was getting beyond hungry, just this side of hangry, but it was worth the wait. Dan made some wonderful turkey burgers. Lots of onion, garlic, and spices with some olive oil. We may have just walked away from ground beef altogether. I’ve been using turkey just about exclusively but Dan was not liking it for grilling purposes because it falls apart too easily. Last night’s mixture held together beautifully. Tons of veggies on the grill along with the turkey burgers: squash, carrots, peppers, Brussel sprouts. Dan ate a few bites of burger with veggies and rice. I ate my burger with reduced sugar ketchup, mustard, and pickle. We actually ate at the table, together. That doesn’t happen all that much. I usually eat alone and unfortunately, my eating time is generally my watching tv time as well, so I do both from the living room.

  • I’m reading a book called “The New Rules of Lifting for Women” by Lou Schuler. I’ve seen lots of positive conversation surrounding it on the message boards of Myfitnesspal and figured I’d get on the band wagon and make my own opinion. I’ll write a full review when I finish the book. I don’t want to judge on just the first third of the book, so I’ll wait until I finish.

  • Saturday’s weather was incredible. I did a nice run in the early afternoon. I am so excited for that weather to start being the norm and not just a day here or there. Soon enough, soon enough.

  • The Frederick Run Fest goes down in 12 days…woah! I’ll be running the twilight 5k on Saturday night and the half marathon Sunday morning. My mind will likely be on that killer hill at the end of the half course for the next two weeks. I made it up the hill last year for a nice finish time, so I know it can be done.

  • Between now and Frederick is another event…my best friend in the entire world is getting married on Saturday. WOAH! That one deserves all caps! I was prepping for the wedding, travel, packing, the whole shebang this weekend. I made a plan to enjoy the weekend without completely derailing. We are staying in a suite Friday night, so we will have the ability to take the right snacks with us and start the craziness with a good breakfast. I also plan to start the day with a good workout in the hotel gym. Lots of unknowns that I likely won’t be able to control, but I can control waking up with enough time to burn a few calories before the day gets going.

Hope you all had a wonderful Monday!! The weather was very April ‘showery’ in central PA, but necessary for a beautiful lush summer.

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