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Week Three - Philadelphia Marathon Training

Week three of marathon training is done! Here's my weekly overview:

Monday - Yoga, 1 mile run

Tuesday - Intervals (10 min warmup, 5 min running, 90 second rest X5, cool down)

Wednesday - 45 minute cross train (spin bike),1 mile run

Thursday - 45 minute recovery run

Friday - Intervals (10 min warmup, 10 min running, 2 minute rest X2, cool down

Saturday - 105 minute long run

Sunday - Yoga, 1 mile run + 3 mile walk, 60 min spin bike

This week had a lot of activity. I do quite a bit of strength training through the Peloton app. This weekend, Peloton had a special event called All for One. The premise is that it is a music festival within fitness classes. There were over 160 classes over 3 days which included all 50 some Peloton instructors and over 30 artists. I was really excited to take as many classes as possible. I stacked several running classes to equal my long run on Saturday. It was a really nice way to pass some miles. I mostly ignored the pace and incline cues and maintained a consistent pace but it was nice to have the coaches encouragement and listend to some great music.

For today's rest day, I put together 2 run walk classes and I had some time this afternoon so I jumped on the bike for 2 more classes. I kept a constant easy pace and resistance but I enjoyed the music and movement. I did a few yoga and strength classes as well.

Interval workouts still aren't my favorite but I really feel like I'm getting a benefit from them.

I got a standup paddle board this week. I was so excited to use it. I took it on a maiden voyage on Saturday for about 30 minutes. I have a spot that my sports brad rubbed on my long run and I didn't realize that it's an open wound so I didn't get to paddle on Sunday like I was hoping because I don't' want to get lake water in. It should be healed up to paddle next weekend.


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