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2020 By The Numbers

Something I love about the end of the year is looking back at data from the last 12 months. This years numbers a strange.

1 live race. It was in January, before the world turned upside down. It was also the only time we traveled this year. If we could only travel once over the course of a year, I'm so glad it was to Key West and that it was race-cation. I've lost count on how many virtual races, the remaining races I was registered for became virtual. I had zero PRs time wise but some things that I was pretty proud of are running a virtual marathon completely alone without all of the excitement and support of a race. I also did a 20 mile marathon training run with no walk breaks, it really felt like the making of a marathon PR but when the race became virtual, I was just happy to finish 26.2 miles alone and it wasn't even my slowest marathon.

1358.3 - Total miles run. Lower than last year and than I hoped for BUT, since April 4th, I've done 10,266 minutes of workouts on the Peloton. I started with mostly core and upper body strength workouts and quickly added lots of yoga, lower and full body strength, running and cardio classes, as well as cycling classes.

4 classes completed toward my MBA.

No count on the number for 'for fun' books that I read. It was fairly low number since May-December all of my reading was school reading but I actually enjoyed most of the reading for my classes.

4 years of run streaking. In May I hit 4 years of running everyday. Closing in on 5 years in Spring 2021.

A lot of 2020's numbers aren't very exciting but I'm looking forward to 2021. It suspect it will look a lot like 2020 at least to start but the good thing is, it's not new to us anymore.


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