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I recently realized I haven't actually posted about my run streak and today marks a fun milestone...1000 days! I became aware of "Runstreaks" a several years ago by way of social media. I was aware of lots of runners who participated in streaks but never had a desire to explore further, I just thought that was cool for them. Runners World Magazine sponsors a run-streak every year from Memorial Day to July 4th. In 2016, after seeing lots of social media hype, I decided to participate and thus started my streak on May 28, 2016 (actually a few days before Memorial Day).

I had no expectation, other than to run everyday until July 4th. Then, Runners World had a run-streak from July 4th to Labor Day. So, I did what anyone else would do, I kept running every day. Labor Day came and went and it was just a habit, a way of life.

Everyone has their own rules, but these are my rules: at least one dedicated mile of running, no walk breaks, everyday.

Here I am, 1000 days later and the streak lives on! Interestingly, this is my first streak attempt. I know lots of streakers who have short streak attempts of a week or two, even some runs of a month or so before they kept a longer term streak.

And before you ask, no my knees do not hurt! I don't do tons of miles everyday. I usually have at least 1-2 days per week when I run 1-2 miles. Overall, I have far less soreness than I used to, the active recovery makes a huge difference for me. It sounds like it would be horrible to run the day after a marathon but it's made a really big difference in recovery time.

Some Run-Streak highlights:

- I've run inside the Baltimore airport multiple times. 6am flights and not wanting to have to worry about a run during a travel day means running up and down the terminal.

- I've run in Canada and while on a cruise.

- I've streaked in Pennsylvania, Florida, Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia, Minnesota, and Texas.

- I've run in more parking lots than I can count, either in a pinch for time or daylight.

- I've run in almost every weather condition - rain, snow, sleet, sub zero temperatures, triple digit temperatures, gale force winds. Of course I'll always love a good 70 degree sunny and calm run but one thing I've learned is that the extreme conditions are a lot of fun too and I wouldn't know that if I wasn't streaking. The extreme days would be so easy to skip if I didn't have the streak to motivate me. I actually mind the cold less and less every winter.

- I ran a half marathon on my wedding day.

- I've run as early as 3am on super busy days. I've had a few late night runs but I always aim for early rather than late if possible.

- I do lots of runs after work because that's when I have time to get my serious training runs in.

- Especially during a busy day, i'm most relaxed and settled when I've gotten my run done early.

I thought the one year mark would be a big deal but honestly, the day came and went without much pomp and circumstance, running every day had just become a way of life. I thought the two year mark would be really exciting but just like the one year mark, it was just another running day. I've been excited to hit day 1000.

How long will I keep the streak alive? I have no idea. Some days i don't really feel like running but I'm always glad I did.

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