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Goal Update - August

Check out my original goal post here.

-Run at least one race every month: Check. National Night Out 5k. Check out the recap here.

-Save money, pay off debts, own less: My big clean out projects haven’t been happening over the summer. I know I’ll be back to it during the fall and winter. I’m still taking stuff to consignment and Goodwill every season. I did do a full day of shopping at Macy’s last week and I got a few things, but I’m pretty critical when I shop about what I’ll actually wear and what just seems like a good idea in the dressing room but will ultimately just make a one way trip to the back of my closet. I’m still paying pretty aggressively on my debts too. I’m on plan to be completely debt free by the end of 2020, hopefully even sooner.

-Start my days earlier and be more mindful of how I spend my time: Somehow it has happened! I am a morning person! I’ve been giving myself about an hour extra in the mornings and it’s awesome! I have time to run, eat a cooked breakfast, or catch up on tv shows. Even when I have the chance to sleep in on the weekends, I’m up and at it pretty early.

-Get back to more regular food logging: Well, I fell of the logging wagon a bit. I am back to it. I know generally how my typical foods fit together for daily totals but I still like the accountably of logging. I have been logging the last two weeks or so.

-Buy more local produce: This was much more difficult than I thought it would be. It’s tough to plan food when you buy from a roadside stand. For instance, it hard to count on making zucchini lasagna and then realize that you can’t find any local stands that have zucchini that day. Before you know it, you can drive all over the county for a $1 zucchini. I’m trying to simplify my life so sometimes I just have to buy the zucchini at the grocery store. I’m brainstorming about how I can make local produce work next year. Maybe I’ll give planting a garden another go.

-Write/Post More: This is year 2 of blogging and year 2 that the summer was tough to keep up. I do have lots of posts planned for the next few weeks and months. I was using the Passion Planner to organize my thoughts and blog plans. The Passion Planer is awesome and I’ve sung it’s praises for the last couple years but I started to feel overwhelmed by it the last few months. And if when I got overwhelmed, I stopped using it all together. A couple weeks ago, I bought a much simpler calendar and its working so well. I may go back to something more complex but I need to get back to the basics for a while.

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