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Spring Ahead

This weekend, the clocks change. We get to launch ahead one hour, which will make it seem like Monday morning comes out of nowhere. The workday will fly by and before you know it, you will find yourself at home with an extra hour of daylight to boot. It’s a natural new beginning, a perfect time to refocus. Refocus on your workout goals, eating plan, and set the tone for the summer ahead.

For me, this weekend is the time to make a running game plan to be carried out between now and October. Time to refocus strength training. Time to ensure I’m eating a diet that compliments the rest of my efforts. Winter means being cooped up inside and unfortunately, sometimes eating out of boredom.

During the winter months, I leave the house in the dark and get home in the dark, no wonder winter leads to overeating. Spring means waking to the sunshine and coming home to sunshine. We notice the extra evening daylight most of all but I love the extra morning daylight. I find it’s so much easier to wake up and get an extra morning workout in. I like to do something simple, watch the news from the elliptical or a full body DVD, to get the day started off right.

The last few weeks, I’ve gotten a little bored with what to cook. This weekend, I’ll be planning out my beginning of the week cooking for the next few weeks.

Forget New Year’s resolutions, it’s all about the Spring Refocus!

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